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Christopher Columbus was an illegal alien…

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Yesterday the EU endorsed controversial new rules to expel illegal aliens. They include forcible repatriation, long stints in detention before being repatriated and bans on re-entry. Interesting really when you consider two things: Europeans ventured out and plundered several continents for their own gain, this action led to the death of many native peoples including the Native American, Maori, Canadian Indian, Amerindian, Eskimo etc. and wiping out cultures in order to enslave populations and provide goods and valuables. Europeans were responsible for the Atlantic slave trade and indentureship. Nice bunch eh? When you consider how many resources were plundered and shipped back from the “new world” and sent to the “old world” the amount is staggering. And it continues to today with large petro/gas, diamond, manufacturing companies. It would be true to say, historically, Europe is responsible for creating some of the issues that they now face from illegal immigrants trying to flee their homes for a better life.

Now it’s also true that Europeans are not responsible for all hardship experienced; life might not be the most wonderful in some parts of the world for any number of social, natural and economic reasons. Natural disasters have not helped the situation at all like the drought causing famine and plague in Africa that we have all become familiar with. Not to mention the ever popular dictator of the day who buys his arms from where? Some of the biggest arms manufacturers are based on “the Continent”. European entities like the World Bank and IDB perpetuate the slavery with loans that can never be repaid. Irish singer Bono for years has used his celebrity to shine light on the plight of third world nations who suffer on at the hands of wealthy nations. 

Think about it, Switzerland and Belgium are noted for their fine chocolate, ever see a cocoa tree growing anywhere near there? And just where does De Beers get their diamonds from? Can two months salary assuage the guilt of the diamond miner risking life and limb to make a better life for his children? How about spices? Isn’t that what Columbus set sail for, lucky for him he managed to find a whole lot of other people to oppress on behalf of the Church and Spanish crown. As living conditions and the scarcity of food get worse in the third world Europe braces for an onslaught of immigrants by closing their borders with a huge clang. We don’t want THOSE people here, never mind our fortunes were once based on the sweat of their brow. Oh no, Europe certainly does not want a bunch of coloured folk with different cultural values to come and sully their superiority, it’s okay for them to play football or join track and field teams to represent these countries, after all talent is always welcome. But pity the poor dull sod who comes to sweep your streets, clean your sewers, drive your taxis, wait tables or whatever other menial tasks that you deem too good for your people to do. They are trying to make a better life, can you blame them.

No I don’t hate Europeans, I quite understand what they are trying to do by keeping people out, the wealth stays there and there is always somebody to exploit at a later date right. But maybe if instead of spending some of that wealth on arms and armies they would channel it into programmes that would benefit larger numbers of people without the repercussions of payback then  maybe it would be easier to stomach eh. Stop being so hypocritical.



Written by coffeewallah

June 20, 2008 at 7:25 pm

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  1. right on coffeewallah!!!


    June 27, 2008 at 1:15 am

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