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If you live in the Caribbean or are a part of the Caribbean disapora, at 8:10 am there was good possibility that you were chewing your nails, wringing your hands or whatever it is you do to mitigate stress. As the Caribbean hopes came to the starting line, it did not matter if you were from Ocho Rios or Sangre Grande, eyes were trained on the Beijing Olympics. The Caribbean made an impressive showing, we were everywhere. Truthfully, we were all rooting for our own countrymen but really, it doesn’t matter. They all have all captured our imaginations and our hearts.

Bolt, Burns, Powell, Thompson, Collins, Atkins, Frater and Martina, out of sixteen men starting, eight of them from the Caribbean. We may not realise the significance of this achievement, what does it mean? That in the WHOLE WORLD, the Caribbean, with a combined population less than some large US city, had eight men in the semi finals of the men’s 100m, six of whom are going to be running in the final later today. To all those politicians who fail to see that the Caribbean community must come together in order to have some parity in the world, put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

And it is not only our men who are out there pursing the dream for the Caribbean, Chandra Sturrup, Kelli Ann Baptiste, Sherone Simpson, Semoy Hackett and everybody else I forgot to mention, Caribbean born and bred. They are all uniting us because they are us. 

When the Soca Warriors went to Germany for the 2004 World Cup the entire Caribbean was singing, “win or lose I am a fighter”. We’ve “rallied round the West Indies” no matter how many times they break our hearts, we hope that they’ll get past it and go back to the days of the mighty West Indies Cricket Team.  

So, whatever happens this morning, someone from the Caribbean is going to take home a medal, but we’re all going to rejoice in their achievement.


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August 16, 2008 at 12:53 pm

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