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Like most of my peers, my hours are long, often leaving home early to return late, after dark. In addition to long hours, the job requires a lot of energy and often leaves me drained. Unlike many of my colleagues, there are no children to be considered or spouse, which actually makes it easier to be taken advantage of, no reason to go home so why not stay on and work?  It can be a lonely life, filled with challenging situations and no release. My solace often, those tired evenings after the long trek home in the now familiar late evening traffic, is the wet nose that greets my hand as I try to open the security gate.

The house is usually in darkness inside with only the illumination from the bulb over the door. The dog is patiently waiting to be let out for his evening run. The joy is apparent in every line of his doggy body, he makes me smile no matter how exasperated I might be. Even when my hip and knee hurt so bad that taking him walkies is a chore. He is happy and he makes me happy.

I wonder then about my friends who have children and how hard it must be for them to leave each day, entrust their children to sitters and caregivers, at least the ones pre-school. And the friends who have to wake their children in the wee hours of the morning to get them to school, who barely see their children when they get home from work. They are growing up without us. Husbands who barely see their wives other than to ask briefly where dinner is or what is happening tomorrow. Wives who feel guilty about how little time they have and try to be superwomen and do it all, burning themselves out. I used to be one of them once. Is it worth it you think?

We all ask, where did the time go? I know the days are getting shorter again, because the setting sun comes through the window of my office earlier now. The year has sped past, soon it will be Christmas again. We find all kinds of ways to complicate our lives. We must do this or have that. But at what cost? Is it better to send your child to a “prestige” school where they spend half their life on the road, having interviewed several kids from so-called prestige schools recently for a vacancy in the department, I was struck by how badly they spoke. It was eye opening. I wonder now what the big deal was and still is. 

As I traverse the highway, making for home that is really a hotel, a place to sleep because I am too tired to do more, there is lots of time to contemplate life.


Written by coffeewallah

September 4, 2008 at 9:22 pm

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